Think outside the traditional seat

By Seth H.

I have small children. They all need car seats because my car isn't safe enough for my child to sit in the back with out a car seat. (even though we all did when we were young) The car seats are damaging my rear seat. Why do I have to have the rear seat? Why can't there be standard anchor points for a variety of seating that is safe for people at each stage in life. This way we know that the seats are secure and safe. You could even build in shock absorbing capabilities for certain types of child seats. You could have sensors that tell the ECU what type of seat is being used. People could buy the particular seat that they want. If it was done right, the modules would be easy to remove and swap. This would also enable weight reduction in the car. People would save money by not having to buy a seat to sit on top of their seat. It would make cleaning up food messes around child seats easier. As government changed laws, new seats could be created to fit in older vehicle models.