The Town Car is Back.

By Pat L.

Bring back the Town Car as a hybrid. The Town Car was the most recognized Lincoln. A hybrid Town Car would bring the mascot back and be more green.
LincolnOwner 09/17/2012
Forget the green, political garbage. They can talk around the issue all they wish out there...there will never be a modern styled, hybrid, or electic car like the classic Town Car...and even more doubtful is the idea that one can be as reliable, or stand up to rigorous work the way that it always has. How do I know? I've owned three of them...and wouldn't trade my 2001, that I presently own, for any modern junk car in the world!! They DON'T make them like they used to. Anyone who thinks otherwise, sadly, won't be able to delude themselves for long. The MKZ and the MKT?? Come on Lincoln, you can do better!