Text to Speach

There are far too many distractions for drivers these days with cell phones being a major factor. Many applications are available to limit the cell phones cabalities while the car is in motion. This is a great stepping stone to curb accidents, but I dont feel it is the solution. In the fast paced society we are in we need/want access to information as it is happening. We also need a way to try to limit the restrictions to the drive so that it does not effect the other members in the vehicle. We need a cell phone holder that has a censor built in that detects what cellphone is in closest proximity to the drivers seat. When the vehicle is in the on position the cell phone is only able to send and receive information if the phone is in the docking station. The phone will need to be faced down or the screen must lock the whole time the phone is in the docking station. All calls and texts are run by voice command and can not be read or manually input into the cell phone. Many providers have come a long with text to speach and voice controls for applications. The goal is to still have accessability of the information, but without taking out eyes off the road. Some key things are making it so that the drivers phone is the one mainly affected and that the screen will not work on the phone, but the functions of the phone are still accessible via voice commands. Eventually it would be nice if there was a dock that was just built into the cars when manufactured that could also charge the phone and would not have to be mounted to the windshield.