Text Feature for Sync - Let it Display

By Jay F.

When I receive a text message in my F150 2013, the sync system chimes and displays (for about 4 seconds) an option on the screen to "listen to text."  It then goes away, and I'm required to go through a bunch of options to then view the text (while parked), and the listen option is no longer availble.

Further, whether or not I respond to sync's notification about the text, sync makes my Galaxy S4 believe the message has been read, and it's no longer in my inbox as 'unread'.

For the safety aspect of it alone, the sync system should leave the 'listen TO text' option on the display screen for way longer than just a few seconds.  One can always hit ignore if they want it to go away, but one also has the option of looking down when safe to see who texted and to take advantage of the voice reading of the text.  As is now, if you want to know who texted, you must look away from the road immediately upon hearing the chime, or you must go through the multiple functions on your phone (remember - it's no longer displayed in the header on the phone since the phone thinks it was read), or you have to go through the options on sync (which require you to be stopped, of course).

1. Linger the 'listen' display
2. Make sync not to tell your phone a message was read if it was read/listened to on through the sytem