Tailgate Reflectors

By Luke S.

Now, a lot of truck drivers have had their tailgate down for any number of reasons while driving on the road, whether it be a load in the bed, necessary use of the bed extender, or even just trying to improve fuel economy. I figure that this may be more visible during the daytime, but what about at night? Tail lamps can't light up to show the whole tailgate without blinding someone, and a dim breaking light is just too unsafe.

Looking at how vehicles are, there are the reflectors within the tail lamp assembly to help get a nice visibility that there is a vehicle in front of you. But what if that person thinks that the vehicle ends there? An extra set of tailgate reflectors would be a safe addition to a Super Duty or F150. Placing them on either side of where the integrated tailgate step would be placed, since it is an optional piece.

The addition of these reflectors would be both safe for the truck and its occupants as well as the driver behind the driver of the Ford truck. It would also provide the elimination of a possible unnecessary replacement of an expensive OEM replacement part.