tail light warning indicator

My idea is to have warning light indicators for vehicles when you're taillights go out. Everybody has all these new safety features to help them with blind spots were falling asleep at the will and even when people pay attention to the road. It is not uncommon for me to see people around the valley I shared with no taillights at night, some people are very happy when you inform them that taillights are burned out. Some people get very agitated when you bring to their attention that taillights are burned out, and when you're trying to catch up to somebody to let them know that their taillights are burned out most of those people get really mad when you try letting them know that their taillights burned out. So with all of our technology we have to say there's still not one single car out there that notifies drivers that their taillights are burned out and that is extremely dangerous people cannot see that car and I'm surprised there's been no major car accident because of it because I see all to often. So that is my idea I hope you guys using I have been complaining to my friend about that feature since you guys started coming up with all these new safety indicator warnings. Thank you
William J 02/17/2013
Perhaps a unit comparing brake input signal with a relay operating after the voltage passes the bulb. No feedback + brake imput = blown bulb
Seckin O 12/13/2012
Agree with what you are saying. I believe the main reason you see a lot of cars with no tail lights is because they are equipped with "day time running head lights" (DRL). When equipped with DRL's the head lights are on, and as it gets dark the dash board lights are on, so people think all their lights are on. However DRL's on most cars do not activate the taillights on, that has to be manual. Newer cars may have solved this issue
steve c 12/10/2012
I concurr minor programming change. Volvos have had them for years.