Super Duty 5th wheel and observation cameras

By Tim G.

Having a observation camera system for the Super Duty series. Four cameras within the observation system. The system would still have your regular backup camera. However, the system would have side cameras (one on each side towards front) and then a backup camera up top to help with hooking up a fifth wheel trailer. When drivers throw on their directionals, the side camera will come on. All camera angles would be displayed in the dashboard screen. When the truck is in reverse, the driver willgave an option on what camera they want to use for backing up. Please considerthis one as it will make customers who tow very happy. 
Ryan S 05/16/2014
Concur my friend. I think this is a key area for camera use being overlooked. It should be selectable regardless of what the truck is doing so one can check the safety of their load.