Stop/Brake Light Plus

By Ray M.

Have the cyclops light indicate how hard you are braking. Can't be that hard a job! Following a "cowboy" in traffic, with brake lights more on than off, makes everybodies job of driving more difficult. Saves brake wear and gas too.
Ray Mattison 11/14/2013
Nov 13, 2013I had my '83 Pontiac STE equipped with a similar set-up. This year it is reality with some models of Volvo.    "If you encounter a situation and need to apply the brakes in a panic stop, the brake lights will flash at a rate of 4 times per sec. which will telegraph a clear message to following traffic behind that there's a potential problem ahead. Once you slow to below 6 mph, the brake lights stop pulsing and your hazard lights take over." (from Volvo literature)