Stop Infant Vehicular Heatstroke

I recently watched a moving Public Service Announcement concerning infant vehicular heat stroke. Design a system that detects kids in the back seat, and if the temp goes over a dangerous level, lower the windows and sound the horn. Vehicular heatstroke kills a kid every ten days, most under 2, our most precious and vulnerable. This solution can readily use current technology already in the car (Bluetooth microphone, airbag occupancy sensors, electric windows). Don't let another parent have to live through the horror of seeing their dead child (or animal for that matter) pulled out of a hot car.
Suzi 07/23/2013
I think it's a great idea. Must find a way to make it happen.
David R 07/22/2013
Low cost to implement, high positive impact to Ford's reputation for safety. What parent wouldn't want a vehicle with this feature? Come on Ford, make this happen! It is a win-win for everyone!