SSS - SeatBelt Safety System

MY idea IS AN extension TO the warning indicator / sound that A car gives when seatbelts are not engaged. MY system puts responsibilty ON the driver TO enter the number OF passengers IN the car into the car computer and effectively give IT permission TO start. once A person sits IN the seat A sensor will pick this UP and alert the driver that the seat belt IS not fastened. The driver will have A indicator / button TO press TO accept the number OF passengers and once the computer realises the belts are then fastened IT will allow the car TO start.
IF the passenger takes his belt off while the car IS IN motion AN indicator / sound will alert the driver and will continue TO sound until the belt IS fastened OR the car stops and the driver RE inputs the appropiate number OF passengers into the computer. this idea is all about seatbelt safety and being A responsible driver. TO often DO you see cars with children climbing around the back seat and jumping into the front seat, this system would not allow the car TO start and puts the safety of the passengers into the drivers hands. IT IS truly A life saver.