speed limit color change

The speed limit is 65 if you go over it say your gauge colors is blue at night it will go red to let you know you are speeding.
Edmund 12/30/2012
Unless you're driving in certain places (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana) where the speed limit is 70. Or 75 on the road between Denver and Colorado Springs.
Kurtis S 12/30/2012
I rented a Thunderbird Turbo coupe with a digital speedo once. Someone told me the speedo would flash above a certain speed. I got to 124 and still no flash, but I did get to know an unimpressed Texas Ranger. :)

I'm afraid I have to agree with Ricky N's comment.
James K 12/30/2012
I agree with Ricky. Also, this would require Billions of tax payer dollars in upgrade to install wireless transponders on all speed limit signs throughout the US and any other country where this is implemented. And the upgrade to put the wireless receiver in the vehicles. Just one more thing to break. And it would become a requirement by law to have one in all vehicles after a certain date, just like the TPMS. BTW, another bad idea. People just need to be responsible for themselves and their vehicles. Check your tire Pressure before you drive and check your speed while driving.
Good idea. Even the late 1960's Buick Riveria had a buzzer you could manually set so if your speed exceeded the 'set point', it went off like a buzzer on your old stove. Simple, but effective. Color is a good idea...well, count me out, as I am color blind for the most part.
Walter O 12/28/2012
The problem is that still the driver might decide to ignore the red warning. The speed limiter is the best option.
Ricky N 12/28/2012
watch you speed like a responsible driver...