Smarter Traction Control

I recently purchased a 2011 F350 XLT to replace a 2004 F250 and am overall very happy with the truck except one detail, traction control. We where concerned about getting a truck with traction control after a very poor experience we had driving an AWD Escape with it in 6 inches of snow and not being able to maintain speed or barely make it up some of the very shallow hills in the road because it kept engaging the traction control and the OFF button did not disengage it completely.While you are able to turn it off in the F350, the button is on the other side of the cab from the driver when it should be closer, like right by the 4WD switch. I realize that this might seem like a silly gripe since the engineers think traction control is the best thing since sliced bread but apparently the have not tested or used it in all conditions. Example: While stopped on an icy surface or slushy road it will not allow you to go anywhere. Traction control should not be engaged until 10 or 15 mph logically because engaging right off the start will stop you from getting anywhere in any slippery conditions. I would also like the option programing it to default off when the vehicle is started and have the option of being able to turn it on when needed. Also, the traction control should be defaulted to OFF when the 4WD is engaged as still it will not go anywhere if one wheel just barely spins unless turned off.The conditions that we drive in are the full range of weather from dry, wet, snowy, slushy, and icy. After now driving the truck for 10000 miles in all these conditions I do like the truck over all expect for the traction control operation and would hope that maybe the engineers could make up a flash update for the computer to make the truck a bit more driver friendly in adverse conditions.