Seatbelt alarms

By Matt R.

We have had a really hot summer this year. Unfortunately in the Mid West/South we have had a few children die due to either getting in the car or being left in the car. I am in law enforcement and have unfortunately worked these types of deaths. One being a child who fell asleep and did not make it.

My idea is that since cars are equipped with sensors knowing when a person is in the passenger seat or driver seat and they don't have a seatbelt on and an alarm is activated. Headlights are on and the car is off the alarm goes off also keys left in the ignition. Is there a way for all new models to have an alarm that goes off if the rear seat seatbelts are not put on and also if they are latched for an alarm to
Go off once the car is turned off. Most car seats are locked in by seatbelts and this would be a great reminder for the driver to check the back seat for a child. This would also help to notify the driver when
A child unbuckles the seatbelt. Having a toddler she has done this a few times and I have not noticed until I have got her out.

Thank you for your consideration and I believe this is an easy safety issue that can be installed to prevent children deaths. Thank you again