seat track rails

By John D.

After searching the web page to seek an answer to a troubling question all to no avail, I have decided to post an idea on Ford social in addition I have contact the dealership from where I purchased my 2013 Ford Explorer Limited That being Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, Californiato see if any information might be available.
I have noticed what I consider to be a very hazardous condition on my new Ford Explorer.
I noticed that the seat track rails on both passenger and driver have an extremely sharp edges at the seat track ends facing the forward part of the vehicle. By just feeling these edges one can immediately conclude that there is a dangerous safety hazard present.
The ends of the tracks have a razor sharp edge and I feel that Ford Motor Company should offer or have installed a plastic or rubber cap on the ends of these seat tracks
I have no way of knowing if this condition exists on only my explorer or all explorers as well as other models.
The condition I am describing could easily severely cut or injure a person who might be barefooted or just cleaning out the floorboard area of dirt and debris.
As mentioned above a cap would surely prevent an injurious situation from occurring.
If in fact such a protective cap is installed on other vehicles and somehow my was overlooked and never installed how would I go about getting a replacement.
If anything it might be prudent to just file down the sharpness of these rail ends in order to eliminate any possible wounds from these rails.
Any information that anyone might have in regards to this condition would be greatly appreciated