Seat Belt/Start Activation

By Jack D.

Would I be wrong in assuming that all U.S. states require seat belt use for drivers?
If so ,would it not seem logical to make an electrical connection between the seat belt and ignition that would not allow the vehicle to start without the belt being connected.
It would also be a comfort in knowing if involved in an engine killing accident the seat belt could be detached by a timer that might possibly release the driver within 10 or 20 seconds.
Michael L 07/25/2012
Also if you are working on the engine, etc. you may need to start it without the seat belt.
what about a voice message that says,"please put your safety belt on"
KEVEN Z 03/14/2012
Good thought, but no. A truck owner needs his truck for different types of uses than a car owner. For instance, driving in the field with a trailer loading wood. Going no more than 5 mph the seat belt is not needed. There are many other instances (deer lease, checking fence for holes,etc.) Maybe a better idea would be past say, 15 mph if no seat belt application, then engine power reduced or really annoying chimer that will not go off. Bottom line is people need to think for them selves.We have become an automatic society, we want something to do everything for us.
Nathan B 03/03/2012
It's a good thought but, no. What about starting the vehicle in the winter to warm it up? Also my dad and I are constantly moving vehicles around in our driveway for connecting trailers or loading anything. We go no more than 10 mph and are constantly getting in and out. This would just be an annoyance.
Kyle D 03/03/2012
It's a good idea in theory, however some people, like my father, can't physically wear a seat belt because of the constraining factor it has on his chest.
George R 02/28/2012
I like the idea. People do not realize that when someone is injured in an automobile accident they are not the only ones who are affected. I have a friend that is paralyzed due to a car accident and this puts a strain on the entire system. She can no longer work, collects social security, massive medical bills that are picked up by you and me through our taxes. So I feel if the government needs to put a device in a vehicle to ensure peoples safety then so do it. In the long run it benefits everyone.
Osman F 02/28/2012
good idea
Jack D 02/27/2012
Timothy:I an not for government intervening in my driving experience as well,but I've been saved by my belt twice,and have become a strong believer.
Brian:Agreed,there would be those who would sit on them;maybe should not only the belt be starter oriented but weight on the seat be an integrated part of the connection being necessary for ignition.I readily admit to backing off Nader type safety rules because of what they've done to auto design,but I'm still for saving lives in the event of forgetfulness.
Timothy w 02/26/2012
The government has no reason to be in my car already more than they are! I like the release idea though
Brian L 02/26/2012
Some constuction equipment has this technology so it would be possible to do in a car. It would probably make a bunch of people mad because they don't want to wear them and would probably just leave them buckled and sit on top of them. Some people just don't understand safety!