Seat Belts for WOMEN

there should be a fastener to bring the chest belt BETWEEN the breasts, so in an accident it doesn't smash 1 breast or choke you because it's across your throat
Jacque Hopper 12/20/2011
I totally agree, but want to add a suggestion: having owned a 1970 Boss 302, the seat belts were double adjuatable--across the lap and then belt connection upwards to the door jamb. VERY COMFORTABLE!!! Can you please bring these back or make them on request options? And After-market options, too --- PLEASE!!
Michelle Nedelec 08/30/2011
I totally agree! I bought some attachements from Canadian Tire, (sorry I don't know their brand name) that adjusts the neck strap. However when I drive our other vehicle I am amazed at how disctracting the seatbelt is accross my neck, let alone how useless it might be in an accident. It is not accross my sternum by any stretch of the imagination. I would think it would almost do more harm than good. I'm 5' 8". I cannot imagine what my sisters do who are all closer to 5'0".