School Zone Button

By Dale M.

This is a suggestion for a safety feature. Essentially, the School Zone Button would be a dedicated button connected to the cruise control. It would allow the driver to pre-program a number (in my county, it would be 15 mph) and, upon activation, the cruise control would automatically decelerate (or accelerate) and maintain the pre-programmed speed. The School Zone Button would be deactivated upon the driver pressing the accelerator or the brake.The benefit of this feature would be two-fold. First, it would allow the driver to maintain the appropriate speed throughout the school zone, thereby avoiding a costly speeding ticket. (In Florida, speeding through a school zone earns the driver double points and fines.) Second, and probably more importantly, it would allow the driver to maintain extra vigilance on the road (and the children walking or riding bikes to school) rather than on his or her speedometer.
DJ G 08/31/2012
This is what Cruise Control is used for. You Dont have to be on the highway to use cruise control! But it is a good thought, if there was not cruise control.