Saving lives

With all the recent deaths of children and animals in  cars due to heat. Why not install something in the seats to warn driver that a passenger is still in the  maybe in the the remote. Have it send a warning signal every minute until vehicle has been checked. Its so sad to hear when a child or pet  dies and it happens every year. This needs to stop and maybe yous  can help. I think a beeper system would help and would work similar to when a car door is  maybe a image of a child to light up on dashboard until you remove car key, that way person would see before   getting out of vehicle. Whatever the way we need to do something to help save lives. Thanks.
Howard G 07/24/2013
Too many people checking when no one is in the car.

Should be a motion detector and interior thermometer, if there is motion detected and temp > 100, then the windows lower and unique car alarm sounds with flashing lights.