saving childern

By Tom H.

too many children die by being left in a hot car,  if there was a sensor in your key that would sound an alarm if any seat belt was still buckled when you walked away from the car lives could be saved
Karen N 08/05/2014
In listening to all the babies that have been left in cars his summer and died from the extreme heat in the vehicle, I have come up with an idea that I wanted to get your thoughts on. This idea could possibility solve the issue of babies dying of the extreme heat in a locked and closed vehicle.
Put a special seatbelt buckle connection in the back seat where all car seats are supposed to be installed. This buckle connection should be equipped in all new vehicles and used just for car seats and is equipped with a weight and heat sensor in it. Since all car seats have expiration dates on them, people have to replace them, so for existing car seats a special adapter with the same sensor in it should be available to install for car seats already owned.
This sensor will detect anything over 3 lbs left in the car seat. When the car reaches a certain temperature the sensor would automaticity turn on the vehicle (like a remote starter does) and start the cooling system and cause the car alarm to go off, (drawing attention to the vehicle) and sending an alert also to local police of the danger. This could also be adapted for winter months to avoid a child from freezing to death.
C C 07/15/2014
I was thinking the same thing regarding the sea belt. However, my idea is a little different.
C C 07/15/2014

I think is a fantastic idea!
Francisco Martinez 07/15/2014
that is a great Idea but i think it is not enough. Ford has a great sensor that shuts off airbags when i child is in the front seat. if something similar was installed in the back seat that sounds an alarm that could also help.... both the seat belts and the sensor combined would be great.