Save the Dog!

I called my Ford Dealership parts department today and asked Nick if Ford made a factory or after market back window screen for the SportTrac Explorer XLT and guess what? He said as far as he knew, NO! This is my 2nd SportTrac and I love my truck. So does my dog Molly. When parked, I let the back window down and out she goes to sit on the back cover. Her travel bed sits against the back window and she looks out as we're driving. Obviously, as I'm driving I can't have the window all the way down without taking the chance of Molly becoming 'road kill'. So I was thinking how great it would be to have some sort of screen or netting of some sort over the window. Here's another thought. If some child happened to unbuckle his seatbelt and the window was down??????? So, what do you think about offering something like this?