Save children's lives

Every year numerous children are killed or seriously harmed when they are left unattended in their child safety seats while their vehicle remains parked in the hot sun. Would it be possible to create an option that attaches to a child seat which activates an alarm when the engine is off, the doors are closed for more than 30 seconds, and the child's seat is occupied? Such an option could be a valuable addition to Ford vehicles.
Liz 09/14/2012
I agree with this excellent recommendation. Perhaps the technology is already in existence and could be altered for this application. Ford currently uses a technology in its "Personal Safety System" Package which prevents the activation of the front passenger airbag on Ford products by a measured "lack of weight" on that seat when a passenger is absent. Perhaps the idea could be used in reverse.

Maybe Ford engineers could design a system whereby, when the power supply to car is shut off, and if (a specified) weight is left on any rear seat, a very prompt alarm is activated. There are many methods to design the alarm to be prompt and urgent and perhaps email could even be used.

Liz Seward
Sales Consultant
Highland Park (IL) Ford Lincoln Superstore