safety in fog,rain or snow

By Rod D.

Headlights are nice day or night.WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING TAIL LIGHTS DURING THE DAY!!! I drive truck and in fog,rain or snow it's already hard to see some vehicle let along hampering it WITHOUT Tail lights. People don't realize that they don't have tail lights during the day unless they turn them on manually. I've talked to different auto professionals and they don't have an answer accept owners of such vehicle don't have a clue. Please help resolve this problem. Thank You!!! Rod Duty
Britt S 03/21/2013
Sad thing is Ford build all this into all their cars, they just choose when to activate it or not. Just like DRL's, daytime running lights if you didn't know, they are on my 2013 Focus, but not activated by the computer. Now if my car were a fleet vehicle, or Canadian or European model, then Ford turns this safety feature on. I can't fathom whey they don't activate it on all their vehicles, like the imports, Chevrolet, and Chrysler. I guess they don't truly care about their customers' safety.
Dan C 01/02/2013
Has been in place now for 20 years in Canada, benefit statistics should be easily visible now for daylight running light jurisdictions versus non
Dan Coll 01/02/2013
Has been the case now in Canada for maybe 20 years, statistics should now be visible for daylight running light jurisdictions versus non