safely cell phone holder

Add an cell holder in the car, so that anyone driving the car would have to place their cell in the holder to use it, which will be synchromized to the driving devic. This will . eliminate using the cell phone while driving. This feature will hender the driver from using the cell phone the car is moving, and force the driver to stop the car to use the cell phone, The holder and the parking device should be synchromized to ensure that the cell phone service would be hendered, until the car is parked,then this will work properly I believe this will eliminate a lot of auto accidents and deaths, especially among young people
Heather G 07/14/2014
This is a good idea. Perhaps the cell phone holder could be like a little safe, open when the car is off, and it closes when the car is running. It would also open if the car broke down. Although it is illegal to block cell signals perhaps the 'safe' could mute any rings/chimes Thereby preventing distractions to the drivers.