safe texting

Texting seems to be the new age.  More and more drivers are seen texting on our highways while driving 65 mph. Along with this increase is the accident rate increase, the death total, which leads to and increase for all insurance rates. My idea is a disabling devise or computor chip that automatically turns texting capabilites off for all types of cell phones while the vehicle is in the drive mode.  It reenables the texting capability once the vehicle is in park.  This could be considered another safety feature the same as headlights, whippers, airbags, seatbelts or brakes.  Not sure how it could be done but it could allow texting from the back seat the same as tv/movies can be viewed from the back seat on some vehicles.  I have nothing against texting except it kills when done while driving. Perhaps if developed this devise could be required to be part of all state inspections.  I don't see this as an infrigment of personal rights because I understand that a vehicle at any speed can be a weapon that kills and should be respected as such.  Driving should be considered a privilage and be done safely so that "all drivers" can get to their destinations safely.