Safe Distance (RSD) - warns vehicles behind to keep safe distance

It is a primary objective of the present invention to provide an improved, more advanced and safer environment on roads and motorways.

The present invention improves and adds an extra safety feature to vehicles.

RSD is an electronic system that is to improve road or motorway safety in situations where a driver has approached a car in front and is too close or close enough to pose a significant threat to the motorists.

The safety system has been designed to prevent rear vehicle collision.

RSD detects whether a vehicle behind is in hazardous distance from vehicle in front.

The system can additionally take into consideration driving conditions and calculate safe distance according to the condition detected (driving conditions: fog, drizzle, rain, wet, wet snow, hail, ice rain or other).

RSD then signals the condition detected to the driver behind by means of flashing third brake light (or other light) of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle behind is outside the hazardous distance from the car in front the system stops
Kathryn H 01/24/2014
We are currently having white out conditions from blowing snow. I would love to have a safety feature like this on my F-150. I think it's a great idea.
Joe 06/25/2013
This sounds like an interesting proposal. An outside warning to keep the drivers behind at a safe distance. Sounds like good one.