Running lights on 2014 Fusion

Currently the running lights feature is only available on Fleet Fusions.  Seems like it should be available on "all" cars as a saftey feature.  I read on a Fusion blog that it could be "turned on" by a dealer but so far that hasn't been true at my Ocala location. 
Robert 08/07/2014
here i thought drl was required on all new vehicles. i was supprised to find that they are not on my'expensive' fusion. I took it for granted. I had them on my 2006 highlander.
Bigskeeter 06/13/2014
Any Ford model that is either sold in Canada and/or is available for fleet use has DRL activated at the factory.  This can be performed by a Ford dealer by hooking up a computer to command module and reprogramming the light function.  I have had this done on a 2011 Fusion SE, 2012 Escape Limited and my new 2014 Fusion SE.  Why Ford does not do this when car is built is beyond me.
Curran F 12/11/2013
Or at least LED light strips like the Escape!