Roof-line LEDs

This is an exterior lighting safety suggestion with the benefit of providing an opportunity for additional styling options to integrate this safety lighting.

The Problem: The need for additional safety lighting becomes clear when driving on rural two lane roads that contain vertical curves in their design. Nearly all drivers have driven on these types of roads; their fairly common. The inherent problem in this type of road is limited sight distance due to vertical curves. In dark driving conditions; there is very often no warning of oncoming traffic; at least not until you see headlights of oncoming traffic are you aware of an approaching vehicle (car). This is a dangerous situation.

The Solution: The addition of a couple of LED light-bars in the roof line, above the windshield on both the left and right-hand side of the roof, or, high in the A-pillars. The position of the lights would decrease the time it takes a driver to become awareness of oncoming traffic. Either of these two locations would provide two or three seconds of advanced notification.

I would love to see Ford beat all the other auto manufacturers with this idea.

Best Regards,
Kenneth Fedder