Reflective inner door surfaces

When I bought my latest Ford Exploder (March 2011), I had upgraded from a 2000 XLT to a 2011 Limited. It came with all manner of new toys but the one safety item missing was a reflective surface on the inside of the four door panels; seems that the expensive brother from the Lincoln side of the house included small reflectors in the door panels. You see, when you open any door of the new Exploder, the tail lights come on for 15 - 30 seconds but then extinguish (in an effort to save energy). If you are by the side of the road and open the door to get out, rear approaching traffic might not see you (or a reflection from the door of the vehicle) as there is NO reflective material anywhere on the door, not even a little 2" x 1" piece of illuminated plastic. This sounds penny-wise and safety-foolish to me. The Ford dealership mechanic was surprised to find that none of the 2011 vehicles at the Ford dealership (Focus, Edge, Flex, etc) have any reflective surfaces in the door panels. How about a fleet-wide retrofit from the factory before either someone gets badly hurt or NHTSA catches wind of this? WAKE UP FORD AND THINK SAFETY!
steve c 12/17/2012
I dont know about going so far as to retrofit but I could see the argument for possible future models....Why stop at Explorers, why not Cars too. Another possible solution is to leave your parking lights on or pull far to the side of the road as possible.