Redesign "Easy Fuel No Cap" to accept any portable fuel tank nozzle and not require your special funnel. Also redesign low fuel dash warnings

I own a 2009 Ford Flex. I recently ran out of gas. I have concerns about your "easy fuel no cap" fuel system. Who would ever think that a special funnel is needed to add fuel from a portable tank? I tried everything I could think of to pry open or force open the little fuel door. Nothing worked. Finally, I was able with some help to push the vehicle to a gas station and was able to fill the tank there. I later read about needing the special funnel in my owner’s manual. This is a very poor design in my opinion. Why can’t the fuel door be made so that any portable gas can will work without the need for the special funnel? People who are out of gas are frustrated enough already. This is also a safety concern; what if someone runs out of gas on a busy expressway? This would not be the time to fumble around with this trying to make it work in the middle of busy traffic. Not being able to figure it out, as was the case with me, could cause someone in this situation to try and push the vehicle in dangerous conditions and could cause someone to loose their life. Yes, I know we should all read our owner’s manuals – but having to use a special funnel is just not something most people would even think about. Please consider changing this design so that the fuel door will work with the nozzle on any portable gas can, NOT requiring your special funnel to be used.

Also, when the vehicle is very low on gas, say a ten mile range or less, could you consider having a yellow or red light go on (on the dash) to warn people (preferably flashing)? I realize it says “Fuel level low” on the dash but I never look at that display and it is not obvious because it is in the same green lettering that it uses to display other info – it is just not noticeable. You could at least make this warning flash when the range is very low, or add an additional red or yellow warning light as I am suggesting that flashes. Thanks for listening.
Deborah 11/02/2014
I love the way the dashboard lights up with the little orange picture of a gas pump that stays lit until you fill the tank. I try to fill my tank when it is only half empty. It is so convenient to use the Easy Fill feature, and I've had my Titanium Ford Focus for a year and have had no problem with it at all.
Tom 08/17/2014
Very poor idea and and wrong point to save money. If somebody can not manage to fill the proper fuel, then maybe he should not drive a car. At least please bring a locking cap to the market. Or should we wait until bad guys starts to steal our fuel ?
Wanda 04/02/2014
I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta and this just happened to me. I thought maybe it might be a vapor lock or something.
kl 03/05/2014
Stupid stupid idea.  So if I need to add gas in an emergency, I need to fumble around for this stupid funnel (which costs $30 at the dealer btw)?  Really?
Nancy 01/10/2014
Ok I drove both the cmax hybrid and the escape and both have this funnel device! How stupid to locate it under the cargo floor! You would have to unload cargo to get to the funnel! If you were to keep it elsewhere in the vehicle there would probably be gas odor. Won't be buying either car just for that reason alone.
Bill Arnold 08/20/2013
Comment on this IDEA!
Ford's no cap fuel tank is a bad idea for two reasons. The number one reason isn't security. That is second. A few days ago I attempted to fuel up but the pump nozzle would not enter the throat to the tank. I persisted to bump the nozzle with the heel of my hand and finally succeeded. At the first opportunity I stopped by a dealer and asked for a mechanic to address the problem. He brought out two tools and a can of lubricant. In a couple of minutes he released the latching mechanism and applied the lube. He said it was fixed - until next time this occurred which may be 3 months, 6 months, or some other undetermined length of time. I don't feel comfortable having to strike the trap door to the tank with a gas nozzle. One little spark could put me in orbit. Neither do I like the idea of having to carry a can of WD40 and lock picking tools in order to replenish fuel.
Ford Moderator 08/12/2013
Hi Barbara!

What is the model and year of your vehicle?

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Barbara P 07/08/2013
I just need to know where I can buy one of the funnels. I bought my car used at a dealership and the funnel wasnt in there. Im not a car guy but i use fuel perks and get my full thirty gallons lol anyone know where it can be purchased?
Tim 05/18/2013
The special funnel is included with all cars that require it. Inside the fuel door there is a picture diagram clearly showing that to add gas from a can (a spare fuel can is shown in the drawing) you need the funnel, and it shows where it is located in your car. it's also explained in the manual. As for running out of gas, a simple gauge should be enough to alert you to buy fuel, however my 2010 Escape ALSO goes "Ding" and turn on the "Fuel Level Low" phrase on the dash right in front of my eyes, and also turn on an orange picture of a gas pump on the dash that stays on. I would think FOUR ways to tell you YOU NEED GAS would be enough. You've got the gauge, the ding, the gas pump icon AND the word phrase on the dash. What more do you need? I would also think that the picture in the door of the gas filler might tip you off about the funnel, which you wouldn't need if you could LOOK at the DASH now and then. People who add fuel additives should be mostly "car guys" who can see the picture in the gas door and who should have had enough brains to read their manual when they bought the car.
Eric X. Visitor 04/14/2013
What security!??? You mean nobody can possibly be smart enough to get one of the special nozzles, use it to get past the dual fold away caps and then slip a thin hose down thru the nozzle to siphon out gas?
Charlie Harris 04/02/2013
On my 2009 Flex, the cap has come off and I have not been able to re-install it. The local Ford dealer said I would need to replace everything connected to the cap. (Have been disappointed in the knowledge of these so-called trained technicians before).Should this item just snap or screw back in place? No sign of any damage to anything?
Jeff Wilson 03/06/2013
I love the security of it but I am not keen on having to have a special funnel to add fuel or additives. I just bought a used F150 with the easy no cap fill and guess what ... no funnel included. Now I have to buy one somewhere. The truck cost enough as it is. But with the economy as bad as it is I like not having to worry about someone siphoning my gas.
Andy W 02/22/2013
Ford, I think your low fuel warning is just fine. It wasn't that long ago that cars simply had a gauge and you just had to keep checking it.
JohnB 12/30/2012
I think it's a great idea. It keeps people from siphoning out your fuel, as Ben said, and keeps you from mistakenly putting the wrong fuel in your car. After Hurricane Sandy, people were going around siphoning gas out of parked cars because there was very little gas available in this area. For those with a 2013 Fusion Sedan, the fuel funnel is located behind the fold down rear seat, not with the tire changing equipment.
Jerry 11/16/2012
Stupid design, Ford must want us change fule pump and filter
Jim A. 09/12/2012
I was shopping for a new vehicle and test drove the 2013 Ford Edge. It drove great. Liked the handling and power. Too bad I will not be buying one. Here's the deal breakers. The No gas cap design is stupid. Also the touch screen that controls everything. i don't need a overgrown Iphone in the dash. I hated the touch screen control design. I know the tech guys and younger generation loves this junk. I really do not want the no gas cap design and the computer controlled climate system on a vehicle. I wonder if it will actually work when the tempurature is below 0 degrees F. . I left the dealership shaking my head!
Curt 07/30/2012
All the capless filler vehicles come with the funnel located by the spare tire.
Ben Rehberg 08/03/2011
The capless design has to account for security too. If it is easily opened, it would be easy for someone to siphon fuel from your tank. I think a good idea would be to include the funnel with the standard equipment; we shouldn't have to buy some proprietary device just to be able to add gas on the side of the road.