Rear Turn Signals

By J. T.

Why does Ford keep on using one of the rear tail lights for the turn signal? My '06 Focus is like this and I was behind a new '13 Fusion the other day and it is the same way. To me this is a safety issue as you're taking away one of the stop lights when it also doubles as the turn signal. I also find this method as a cheap way of getting out of having a separate turn signal on the rear of the vehicle, which Ford seems to do on a lot of their models. With new LED lights it wouldn't take much to use a few LED's for the turn signal. Also use yellow/orange LED's for this and not red ones as it helps visually identify that you are turning better than red turn signal lights do. They can easily be hidden behind a clear lens so it keeps the back of vehicle clean like the way the new Fusion's real lights are.
Carl D 09/05/2013
I agree, amber turn signals are safer (in Europe it's mandatory)
BRENT A 04/03/2013
I agree, one taillamp per side is cheap versus safety. My new Escape has a very dim presence from the rear. I would preferit to be well lit and seen from all angles.