Rear side view cameras

Similar to the rear view camera these cameras would be mounted in the rear light assembly on each side of the car and would assist drivers when backing out of parking lots where the cars next to them are so large that they cannot see what is coming from either side of them.  This would run on the same display mounted in the dash of the car and could either have a button to switch for rear to side views or could be a three way split view on the screen.  My wife almost got hit yesterday while trying to back out of a parking space and did not see a car coming down the isle until it was almost too late.
JAMES B 06/07/2014
i was about to add this same idea. i have added it to my car and you would believe how much it helps. i mounted mine in the corner of the bumber. i just back until my bumber is just beyound the car parked next to me.