rear side terminals for jumping cars

I had recently had an issue with my altenator a friend of mine came to help me while we was turning around to to help jump my car nose to nose as every single car in exsistence has to in order to jump another vehicle, anyways as he was turning around to come into oncoming traffic he was in accident and he was fine the same can not be said for his car. after i had called another friend to come help me it dawned on me that it would be very convienent if there were battery terminals in the trunk of my friends car that could be used to jump other vehicles. this would have definetly reduced the chances of him getting into a car accident and would definetly make jumping easier since you would be able to get closer than you could with going nose to nose. and to cosider a more extream cirumstance if you need more than once jump to get to your destination following a person who could help would be safer than have that same person constantly having to turn around to jump another vehicle