Rear passenger seat sensors

I’m challenging all automobile companies that manufacture any vehicle with a back seat to take the technology they already have and use it for more protection for infants. I’m so tired of hearing or reading about a young child’s death due to being left in a locked vehicle on a hot summer day. I firmly believe that the sensors they have in a front seat that will turn off an air bag, if the child seated in it doesn’t meet the weight requirement to keep an air bag functional. Why not place those sensors in both rear seats, so that the door chime sounds and/or all the windows automatically roll down, by having too much weight in the rear seats once the ignition is turned off and driver's door opens. If a door chime can remind people they forgot their keys in the ignition or to turn headlights off, then it shouldn’t be that difficult for the automobile manufactures to implement this technology to protect children that cannot protect themselves.
Jan W 08/30/2014
There have been too many innocent lives lost for no reason. I challenge Ford to be the first to implement this!.