Rear Camera Focus Manual Trans

By Jj M.

Just purchased/ordered a Focus Titanium with a Manual Transmission. Really wanted the back-up camera but told can't have it without auto transmission. Please offer as seperate accessory.

melvin d 01/20/2013
own a focus st and will like a back-up camera
Kenneth B 09/10/2012
It should be an option for the Focus ST also.
Daniel M 03/02/2012
Agree, save the Manual Transmission! Let us stick shift drivers have the same options as the automatic drivers
Bill P 02/29/2012
Ford is missing the boat on many things Focus related. Have you seen the Focus ST turbo wagons they have in Europe? They are not releasing them here. Probably because they will loose sales on the Edge which is $9,000 more. And has almost the same internal storage capacity.