Rear braklight warning indicator

You have all these warning indicators for all sorts of things like blind spot indicator, drifting into underlain indicators and even indicators to help you stop if the car in front of you stops suddenly, so why not have a warning indicator that notifies drivers when their brake lights have burned out. Where I live is all to often that I see drivers who have no clue to brake lights are burned out because there are no indicators warning lights to notify them when they are burned out and it is extremely difficult to push on your brake pedal and look at your brake lights at the same time. So why not have indicator light letting people know that their brakes need to be replaced. I am just surprised with all the technology that has come out this safety feature has not been thought of yet. I hope you guys use this idea my other idea thank you.
New fiesta owner
Sally S 07/07/2013
EEEEE! I have to agree! A friend told ME I had burned out bulb on my 3 y.o. Taurus, I had no idea!!!