Reactive Bumpers using control exposive force

By Gary L.

Incorporate high pressure compress air (CA) tanks into the front and rear frame cross members. These tanks would be part of the welded frame and replace the standard box frame metal front and rear. They would be charged with CA or gas at high pressure and permanently sealed like AC compressors. Slide piston rams would also be builted into the front-to-rear part of the frame on the left and right. If the cars is in a collision, the bumper as it is pushed back drives a small mechanism which has a harden steel point which puntures the compressed air cylinder in the frame. The released gas is released with controlled explosive force and powers the slide piston rams that counter the collison impact by pushing the vehicle in the opposite direction of the collison protecting the body of the vehicle and lessening the impact force. A chemical solution could also replace the CA solution, but the CA solution is passive and requires almost no maintenance for the life of the vehicle. The chemical solution requires sensors and wire.
Britt S 03/21/2013
Don't think this would work. Would be hard to make it a "controlled" explosion.