Raptor Front Camera Retrofit

Looking for a 2012 front camera retrofit/software upgrade for my 2011 Raptor Sync/Nav system. Front camera would be extremely helpful when parking and offroading, not to mention preventing bumping the car or obsticle in front.

P.S. I love this truck!
jeffrey 03/18/2013
I am driving the new 2012 GLOBAL FORD RANGER T6…It does not have this front viewing camera system but I retrofitted a Ford front logo with a hidden camera PLUS two side camera installed under the rear viewing mirror on both side of the truck…Now I have TOTAL view of the sides and front of my truck…This is even better than Raptor Setup… The only thing I am lacking is the low speed auto switch on of the display monitor…I am looking for a low speed control switch to compliment my set up…Any idea where I may be able to get this switch or how to tap into my current truck system to trigger the on/off of the camera/monitor?
Appreciate your expert advise…cheers and good day to all ford fan
Nancylynne 10/21/2012
Wish my new Fiesta had a camera. Is it available???
Benigno G 10/19/2012
Is there a front camera available for a 250 Lariat '12?
Jeffrey Ng 10/19/2012
Having a front camera is good. especially if there is a drain,a road curve or any object in front of the car that you need to avoid hitting or falling in….
Jay 03/30/2012
Got a 2012 raptor with the front camera and can't get it to work unless in 4L or another major offroad mode. Need to know how to get it to work when parking. Like those above it would be great for parking!
Seth Pringle 01/01/2012
If not front camera, at least sensors, I have an F250 and if I wasn't used to knowing how long the front is I would love tap quite a few people while parking.