Raptor Enable Front Camera without off-road hassle

Will you please put out a software update that will allow us to enable the front camera without having to be in 4 Lo or Off-Road Mode and Lockers on?  When parking or turning a tight radius while on pavement you shouldn't have to put the truck in afore mentioned modes.  It can be very hard on the truck to be in such modes when on pavement, espeically if turning.  When having to turn in a tight spot it would be very nice to enable the camera, but if I am on pavement the front camera is worthless to me as I will not be putting it in the needed mode to enable as the risk of causing damage to the truck is too high.

There's other times even on slow hill climbs in which it would be nice to enable the camera.  There's been numerous times off road as we'll in which I don't need lockers nor off-road mode as the terrain is dry and rocky and it would be nice to be able to enable the camera, I have no issues with it disabling as the speed increases, but I think at lower speeds on should be able to enable it no matter what mode the truck is in.  Thank you for your consideration.
Patrick G 04/29/2014
This is desparately needed for the Rpator. Parking in a truck this big, wide is challenging and the front camera would help to ensure you don't hit the car in front of you.