Rain = wipers = headlights

By Mike R.

Hopefully, my title describes the safety issue and my simple, yet effective suggestion. Obviously, rain sensing wipers have been on the market for several years. The same can be said about daytime running lights. Some think both are safety solutions, but combine them, and a new safety issue arises.

People are so used to daytime running lights, that they most often do not think about turning on their headlights before it is very dark (and they realize they can't see. What most people don't realize is the.taillights are NOT ON whenever the DRL's are on. They don't realize how unsafe it is without taillights. I'm sure petite address rear ended collisions are pretty high. Simply put - you can't beer seen from behind.

The same can be said for people disregarding the law that one must turn on their headlights when it is raining. Most often, people don't turn them on until it is a complete monsoon. It's very unsafe and at the very least, get very, annoyed when trying to help people recognize their lights are not on. They simply think the other driver wants to pass or let them know a policeman is nearby.

The simple solution is this. The headlights (and taillights!p must turn on when the wipers are turned on or when the rain sensors turn the wipers on. This will help reduce the number of collisions commonly determined as conditions, when in reality, it is a combination of conditions and insufficient lighting or failure to turn on lights.

Please, Ford, do thirds first and make it well known. If nothing else, it will definitely be a major marketing tool.

-Mike R.
David L 01/10/2013
I agree with this post, it makes sense and would be a great feature. But drivers also need to be more responsible and do the right thing, don't always rely on technology 100%.
Your Cont. that I had a few years back had headlights that came on with the wipers It worked really well