Rain-Sensing Wipers need Indicator

The Rain-sensing Wipers are a great feature but it is too easy to forget they are on if the rain ends before you turn off your Ford.  If you forget and later take your vehicle through a car wash, your wipers will lose the Brushes vs. Wipers battle.

If there was an indicator on the dash that showed the Auto Wiper icon when the wiper stalk was in the Auto position, that would help.  One possible way to do this would be placing the Auto Wiper Icon in the windshield of the overhead vehicle graphic in the Driver Information Panel.

Having the headlights come on when the Rain-Sensing Wipers were active would also work.  (In many states it is a law that your headlights must be on when your wipers on also on.)  On a clear day this would be the clue that your wipers are in the "Auto" position.
art h 05/18/2014
Just make the indicator green not red. Red means dainger.