Quick Press "M" on the Steering Wheel to Loop Back to the 1st Saved 6 Presets from the 3rd Within the Bandwidth

I have a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium and love it!
For safety and convienience I would like to suggest an update to the Memory Presets on the steering wheel to loop back to the 1st set of 6 presets from the 3rd set withing the same Station group.  For example, when listening to Sirius, you press the "M" on the steering wheel without taking your eyes off the road to go to the 2nd set of 6 memory stations.  When you get to the 3rd set and press "M" quickly, it should loop back to the 1st set of memory stations within the same Sirius group. Instead, it jumps to  A/V, AM (1,2,3) then FM (1,2,3) then back to Sirius.
For safety purposes alone, i have to either hit the "M" 7 or 8 times and sometimes over shoot it or take my eyes off the road and manually over ride the entertainment controls.
Pleaes update the program.  I see people with Fords back 5 years ago that have that problem.
Thank you,