Protecting Natures Creatures and Ourselves

I presently own a 2013 Ford Fusion, which rides like a dream and is a classy looking car. My concern is about saving lives, wildlife and humans! Living in the Maritimes, as drivers, we see a lot of wildlife, bear, deer, moose, porcupine, etc. while driving. I call these blessings as the animals are so beautiful going about their ways to survive. Fortunately many are in the fields but we do hear, for example, about deaths of people and animals, where a deer or moose are struck on the highway (often at night!) Just last week as I was driving on a rural road (two way traffic) I noticed several young pheasants on the side of the road, however, did not notice the young one that darted out of the weeds on the roadside to reach the others. No damage to my car, however, this was an unnecessary death of a beautiful creature. Several years ago I used to attach a device on my car that claimed to emit a high pitch sound to scare off animals near the highway. My question is why doesn't Ford, in your Ecological and Safety quest, add this feature to all your vehicles! This feature would also help in the city, where dogs and cats and yes the wild creatures, deer, coyote, are moving about too! Not only would the feature save lives it would help reduce insurance claims, relieve a lot of sadness from the families losing a loved one who accidentally hit, for example, a moose. I thoroughly enjoy the technology incorporated in my new Fusion and believe that Ford has the ability and capability to add the ecological/safety feature to all Ford vehicles! Come on Ford - be Number One at bringing this ecological feature to the forefront! Your drivers would thank you and all the creatures that litter our highways would be free to continue another day! I look forward to hearing from you about this concern and hopefully how you plan to make saving humans and animals a standard feature in you automotive products! Thanks for you time and have a great weekend!Contact Information