Prevention of Heat Related Occupant Deaths

By Ed H.

To aid in the prevention of heat related child deaths, my idea involves all vehicles with back seat safety belts remaining buckled when vehicles are turned off.

When back seat belts remain buckled and the vehicle is turned off (or keys removed or push buttoned off for keyless starting), the vehicle emits a chime and a back seat belt symbol flashes for at least 10 to 15 seconds. The symbol could be the same seat belt symbol currently on dashboards.

The flashing symbol and chime continue alerting the driver a back seat belt is buckled. The alerts continue until the driver, either unbuckles a back seat belt(s) or checks the vehicle for all buckled back seat belts. After 10 to 15 seconds, with the vehicle off, the chime and flashing symbol stop.

Continuing my idea involving non-keyless vehicles, drivers cannot remove keys when back seat belts remain buckled. The seat belt symbol and chime also alert the driver.

This would give drivers quick notice that a child or pet may be the back of a car, van or truck.