preservation of body on frame sedans

As a family we have been buying Mercury's since 1949. That pattern will apparently come to an end this year as will our ability to purchase a body on frame sedan from the ignominiously shuttered Mercury line. Since the Mercury Grand Marquis was refined to near perfection could Ford at least consider selling the entire platform to some other concern who may be interested in at least continuing it for those few among us who appreciate the attributes of a robust and easy to repair automotive design. A sale of this nature shouldn't make much difference to Ford since sales of the the Panther platform as of late did not meet their expectations. A niche market for this model shouldn't take much away ftom Fprd's current market share. If this line is allowed to totally expire I think it will mark a historical first, the end of body on frame sedan autos manufactured in North America. How sad that we aren't allowed at least one traditional automobile model to choose from.
David Lyons 02/09/2011
Honestly, I think you can thank the federal gov't for the demise of the Panther, since the 2012 CAFE standards require substantially higher fuel efficiency numbers and a 4,000lb Panther car is not able to match that. To keep the car going would probably require WAY too much investment and re-tooling, to lighten the car and with new technology to boost the numbers. Thankfully, I get to drive two '03's at work (CVPI) and my mom has her '08 GM, so I'm still happy, though I'll miss seeing new ones in the showroom.
Tim C 07/29/2010
my next Ford will be a crown vic or marquis- If I dont get around to buying one next year new, well then guess I'll find one used out west somewhere. Weve currently got three S197 mustangs06,07, and 09 (really great cars), a 69 mustang, a 65 LTD, a 89 Mark VII(great car), and a 98 windstar...and one chevy- a 07 avalanche(wife didnt like the ford, AND it gets over 20mpg).

I *think* the reasons for the panthers demise are as much beancounters worried about taking away from sales of their expensive new investment put towards the new platforms as anything...hell if theyd have spent 1% what theyve invested in other tooling even once in the past 20 years on the very aged panther, they could sell. theyre kinda ugly, but ask anyone that ever owned one, other than the 4.6 plastic manifold oops, they were extremely well built/durable cars.

any bets on the highway patrol comparison costs of repairing a vic/interceptor after a PIT? I'd argue the new taurus is 'safer' ONLY because of investment in newer and newer airbag equipment. theres some crappy asian cars with 5 star ratings too. the panther tooling was written off decades ago, if theyd invested ANYTHING on upgrading/keeping the worlds last BOF/durable/proven auto around a while longer it could have been a cool car...shame on ford for killing a great product. theyre doing the same with the ranger...tried and true, long paid off tooling, no updates in decade or more- nope, kill it and import a 'better/improved/safer/blah/blah model from thailand...imagine a 56 f100 body on that existing chassis? would cost squat compared to a all new plant, and would sell like decade or three we'll be hearing how the new unibody f150 is so much better/safer than the old bof ones cheaper/sell as safer is the way of the automotive beancounter IMO.
I hope the 09 mustang wont be my last new ford, but I hate the look of the 10+ rearend(dont look like a mustang at all), the 'family look' of the bland fender bulges/fading from nothing-into nothing crease on the mustang/taurus/explorer are IMO as bad as the tribar grill on everything(except the mustang thank God). now fords styling is heading towards a universal bland- why not get creative and build some STYLISH bodies? the 05 mustang was great, coulda been better, but still great- everything else is just one more round roofed 4 door sedan to choose from...WHY???
Mark S 06/25/2010
Mercury as well as the platform of the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis will move on. Times change. The fact that you have trusted Ford products to haul your family for all this time proves more important things than a body on frame construction, which are NOT easy to work on now days, either. The most important things are that you and your family are safe, you can go out to your ford product on the coldest day EVER, and it will start as if you are heading off to the beach, and that it will undoubtedly outlast your expectations. We all understand what you are getting at, but you are getting at, but from a company stand point, the platform should follow suit with the other vehicle lines, otherwise, you spend millions to keep something that only pays you back half of that cost.