Ford has abandoned all of us loyal Ford customers over 45 years old. I've had Ford products for most of my life beginning with my 1966 Mustang.

But now that I'm older and WIDER I can't fit in the current crop of Fords. I hate SUV's and will not buy one. Does that mean I must buy an F150? They're ok, but I really want a full size sedan and you don't sell one.

There's only so long that used Crown Vics, Gran Marquis', Caddys, etc will be around and kept running.

Please, please, please stop ignoring us older folks!!!!!!
paul crabtree 01/01/2013
i think that a lot of pick-up owners are so because of the demise off the large coupes and sedans circa 1977 and earlier...i would have liked a large car in 1999 when i bought my crew cab dually,,but one wasn't availiable..also any 4 door car or truck should have rear ssuicide doors for easy ingress and exit..just have an older person get in and out of the rear,,and you will sell a ton of them...