Platinum Excursion

Just imagine the pearl white statement rolling down the road...Big and Beautiful!  

Gas guzzler....yup, I dont mind purchasing U. S. A. gas to contribute to our economy.  

I put on about 60,000 to 75,000 miles a year so I'm already paying for gas. I want power and size, without being an F350 or 450. Interior room is more important, without having a shell.
Alex M 01/29/2014
I think another Excursion would be nice because good diesel power in a suv would be extremely convenient and very off-road worthy. I think this new Excursion should also have two wheel drive mode with traction control and a limited slip differential, four wheel drive high with traction control and limited slip differential, and four wheel drive low with both axles locking. I think the limited slip differentials should be electronic limited slip differentials that can transfer up to 100 percent of the power to a wheel with traction.
Juston P 01/19/2014
Here's the thing. Now that Ford has the supply chain in place to build entire truck cabs with aluminum alloy a next generation Excursion would wheigh 1,200 or more lbs less. I'd be down to buy one. Especially if it was availalbe with a tail gate style rear access to replace the ambulance style double doors.