Plans to install automated switching oils used in motor vehicles, of light and heavy

Since most vehicle owners (both light and heavy vehicles) different attitudes about the importance of timely replacement oils used in motor vehicles, their systems This means that very early or attempt to change that cause waste oils are used is too late, or some appropriate time are going to cause damage to the system using oil because of oil loss is qualitative features, And considering that today's engines are far more advanced that this means is that the internal motor function is performed in severe conditions, Therefore, placing an intelligent system that processes inside car engine oil replacement timely implementation of control and automatically very important, especially in heavy vehicles finds.
Since the beginning of engine oil used within the motor system exposed to oxidation, thermal degradation, combined with water from fuel and other factors are reducing the quality, Mediation and their additives such as Cleaners, antioxidants or corrosion and rust inhibitors, also reduce consumption and compulsions that all these factors caused a drop in quality when oil is consumed.
Other factors reducing the quality of motor oil, including engine work, for example in situ "in traffic, driving time High slope in the road and pulling Yadak, before driving in cold engine warming, air pollution, high-speed driving, short distances to and during consecutive off the engine or other factors.
Effect of all these factors will cause the driver fails to recognize the best time to replace oil and give at best only on the distance of time can choose to replace oil.
Now if, as noted above, this action under control within an intelligent system and the engine driver to do without interference, the system controlling all these parameters mentioned above can automatically act in the best time to do the oil change to do this lengthening Motor life and prevent waste of oil (if being replaced soon) leads.