Peace Of Mind With You Scan

My idea is to have a onboard diagnositic system.Some vechile have a onboard dyno but lets say ur driving down the road hauling the family in ur truck and all of a sudden something goes wrong like it does happen. nothings perfect, so when a person is in there ford truck even though they got the dependbility the truck acts weird u pull over shut truck off turn key forward and push run full diagnositics on truck it can check all eletrical and also check some mechinal problems and does a headlight brake test a licence plate light test, checks all sensors and tells what sensor is failing. Now thats safety net having the reassurance that ur in good hands with ford.But with this in mind this system needs to be unique cause other comptetions will try and make the system faster or onboard scaning. Just a idea of piece of mind like a warrnety would be but with u all the time.