Passenger Identity Airbags

Last night I rescued a young lady in a terrible accident in front of my house. Both airbags deployed and I wasn't sure if she was the driver or a passenger. she was not using a seatbelt. When I approched the vehicle it was full of smoke. I didn't see anybody there, I thought they got ejected, or left the scene. Someone shouted "they're still in there" I stepped back to the truck, opened the door again and saw a young ladies two feet on the floor. I quickly moved the seat back and dragged her to saftey, administered cpr. She quickly responded. I rushed back to the truck to see if there was a passenger, I had to look in the bushes aswell. If there had been a colored dye for the driver and a different color dye for the passenger, you could determine instantly who was who. when the dye explodes with the airbag, and hits the person there will not be much of a stain on the seat. If there was no passenger the dye would be all over the seat cushion with no silhouette of a body. You could determine quickly if there was a passenger or a driver that left the scene due to disorientation or left someone for dead. You could also make this dye ultra violet so a fire fighter or first responder could put on special glasses to help locate a disoriented person, who might be in the woods at night. Just like the dye put in a bank robbers pouch. You could easily identify a fleeing driver or possibly save a life. I know a black box tells you who was driving but this is instantanious. I wish I had this inovation last night. Repectfully, Thomas A Pellegrino.