Parking Brake

I recently saw a commercial for the Kia Optima that boasts an electric parking brake, you just push a button to engage/disengage it. For as long as I can remember, engaging a parking brake required pushing down on a pedal or pulling a lever. My idea is; "Why does a person need to do anything?" Make the parking brake engage automatically when the car is put in park, and have it disengage when shifting out of park. I can't think of any reason why a person would not want the parking brake engaged while the car is in park? Anyway, it's an idea. I love my Ford truck and I like the company, so when the idea came up Ford came to mind.
Jimmy I 08/15/2012
The main purpose of an E-brake is to take strain of the transmission when parked on hills. The only problem with an electric e-brake would be the brake draining the battery when the car is off.
Phillip R 08/14/2012
It is just another thing that can break and blow fuses? I would rather have a manual lever like on my '99 Ford Ranger then rely on something electrical. But that's my $.02
Orion V 07/13/2012
How about even having the vehicle automatically release the break when the vehicle is put in drive?